For decades, Canada Lands Company has earned a reputation for developing some of the most sought-after communities across the country. The completed projects listed below represent a long-standing commitment to enriching everyday lives of Canadians. With a community-focused approach to redevelopment that enables a strong sense of belonging, Canada Lands has positively redefined these communities which, during their development, were considered ahead of their time. These projects advocated for improved environmental sustainability and urban planning best practices, while setting new standards in real estate development. Canada Lands Company’s past projects portfolio represents a longstanding mission to develop Canadian communities that continue to offer many great amenities and features. 

Glenlyon Business Park Entrance with flowers

Glenlyon Business Park, Burnaby, British Columbia

Glenlyon Business Park was one of Canada Lands’ earliest real estate projects and described as western Canada’s premier suburban office park. Situated perfectly in the heart of South Burnaby bordering the Fraser River, it has become known for its convenient and strategic location complemented by modern, innovative design and beautifully landscaped surroundings. From its expansive green spaces to the off-leash dog park and playground, the award-winning Glenlyon Business Park development was mindful of the environment and adopted leading sustainability designs and practices during its construction.


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Brandts Creek Crossing showing lake and trees

Brandts Creek Crossing, Kelowna, British Columbia

Canada Lands Company acquired the Brandts Creek Crossing site in 1995 with an objective to create a vibrant and pedestrian friendly mixed-use neighbourhood with Brandts Creek at its center. Canada Lands completed environmental remediation efforts for the site, including the development of a stream protector corridor to reinstate the Brandt’s Creek waterway. These sustainability and remediation efforts also included new native plantings and natural structures that restored the stream bank, the in-stream character, and saw the return of a variety of wildlife species to the Brandts Creek Crossing area.


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River's Edge showing homes on both sides of a pathway

River’s Edge, Chilliwack, British Columbia

River’s Edge was part of the former Canadian Forces Base in Chilliwack and was destined to become a unique, diverse and sustainable riverfront community. The River’s Edge development complements its neighbouring surroundings, contributes to the healthy growth of Chilliwack and seamlessly aligns with the site’s existing beautiful, natural assets. The project became known as a model of progressive and responsible development that respects the natural environment while enabling connectivity with neighbours and provides a broad range of housing options. 


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Garrison Crossing entrance with sign showing name

Garrison Crossing, Chilliwack, British Columbia

Formerly part of the Canadian Forces Base in Chilliwack, Garrison Crossing is an award-winning new walkable, amenity-rich neighbourhood surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and natural elements. Governed by smart growth principles, Garrison Crossing is a compact yet efficient community that naturally fits into to its surroundings and has become a model for the urban village concept. 


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Garrison Woods with homes showing on the side

Garrison Woods, Calgary, Alberta

Described as a “Jewel in the Crown” of community revitalization, Garrison Woods remains a coveted location for its residential, office and commercial development and one of Canada Lands’ most significant projects. Garrison Woods has been described as one of the most unique, complex and innovative urban redevelopment projects in North America that prioritized environmental sustainability throughout the mixed-use community and included military commemoration and diverse housing options. 


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A statue of a propeller shown on the Garrison Green property

Garrison Green, Calgary, Alberta

Garrison Green is a 32-hectare (80-acre) redevelopment that was also part of the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) in Calgary which provided more than 1,000 homes and 65 affordable housing units. The development integrated former military housing units, provided a variety of park spaces and facilitated walkability throughout the community. 


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Homes shown at 650 Lawrence

650 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario

The project at 650 Lawrence Avenue West contributed to affordable housing in Toronto. The site was developed in conjunction with the non-profit organization Options for Homes and enabled the construction of a 431-unit mixed-used development that included affordable housing. 


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Benny Farm apartment building

Benny Farm, Montréal, Québec

Located in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce area of Montréal, Benny Farm is a significant residential development with a rich story. The site was originally built in the 1940s in response to the overwhelming need for post-war housing and was acquired by Canada Lands in 1999 from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. With an engaged community concerned with the redevelopment of the Benny Farm property, Canada Lands stepped up with a uniquely tailored consultation process that addressed the needs of community stakeholders and enabled a mixed-income development that includes affordable housing and market-rate residences. A strong sense of community with a modernized infrastructure was created at Benny Farm, reflecting Canada Lands’ long-standing commitment to inclusive developments.


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Les Bassins Park

Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre, Montréal, Québec

Prior to Canada Lands Company’s acquisition of Les Bassins du Nouveau Havre in 2007 located in Montréal’s Sud-Ouest borough, the site was a former mail processing plant operated by Canada Post Corporation. Canada Lands engaged the public and the local community to determine potential uses for the site, which led to a vision that offers a well-designed residential urban setting developed with environmental sustainability considerations throughout. 


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Moncton Shops Building Exterior

The Moncton Shops, Moncton, New Brunswick

Canada Lands acquired the Moncton Shops property in 1995 as one of the first projects in its inventory. Despite the assessment that a challenging environmental redevelopment was ahead, Canada Lands was able to manage the project to provide both financial benefits to the City of Moncton and non-financial benefits to the local community, leaving a positive and vastly improved property to enjoy. The Moncton Shops redevelopment received national and international recognition and awards while creating an increased awareness in both the private and public sectors regarding new environmental remediation best practices and the successful rejuvenation of lands. 


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