Brandts Creek Crossing, an 8.4-hectare (20.7-acre) property that was originally owned by Canadian National Railway was acquired by Canada Lands Company in 1995. The Company began remediating the area in 2000, with an objective to create a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood with Brandts Creek Crossing at the center. Canada Lands prioritized the clean-up of the creek, which was heavily polluted and had been relegated to a series of culverts and shallow ditches. 

Canada Lands created a new 350-meter (1,148 feet) waterway to daylight the creek, along with a 1.7-hectare (4.4-acre) stream protector corridor. Using bioremediation as a means of improving the soil condition of the property overall, native plants and natural structures were reintroduced to help restore the stream bank to its full potential. 

These environmentally sustainable initiatives have resulted in the reintroduction of a number of species returning to the site, including the Great Blue Heron; a majestic bird which had not been seen in the area for many years. The success of these sustainability efforts also saw new deer tracks begin to appear along the trails, and the return of otters and muskrats to the lower reaches of the creek. Flycatchers, kingfishers and other bird species were later found to be living in the bulrushes of Brandts Creek Crossing as well. 

In 2001, the City of Kelowna awarded Canada Lands Company with the Mayor's Environmental Achievement Award for Most Innovative Business Initiative (won in conjunction with EBA Engineering Consultants, Stantec Consultants and Brown Trout Consulting) because of the remediation efforts made at Brandt’s Creek Crossing. In the same year, the B.C. Landscape & Nursery Association awarded Canada Lands with their Corporate Environmental Stewardship Award. 

In commemoration of Brandts Creek Crossing having once been used as a railway yard by Canadian National Railway, Canada Lands Company built a unique gazebo canopy pavilion that resembled a traditional railyard station in the public green space on the site to pay homage to the site’s long-standing railway history.

By 2002, Brandts Creek Crossing was transformed from a railway work yard into a mixed-use neighbourhood close to downtown Kelowna that included a residential area of single-family homes, townhouses and apartments surrounded by extensive greenspaces and landscaping, as well as commercial businesses. Today, Brandts Creek Crossing has become a thriving residential neighbourhood in one of B.C.’s fastest growing cities.