Garrison Green, the sister community of Garrison Woods, was a 32-hectare (80-acre) redevelopment in Calgary. The vision for the property was to create a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood based on the principles of smart growth and sustainable community design. Garrison Green provided more than 1,000 homes in a variety of types that included the refurbishment of 65 housing units in the Cyprus Green affordable housing project through a partnership between Canada Lands Company and the builder group, the City of Calgary, the Province of Alberta, and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. These affordable units were relocated and renovated to offer Calgarians the opportunity to own a home in this beautiful, well-designed and sustainable community.

Garrison Green is characterized as an innovative and sustainable development initiative as a result of the reuse and integration of former military housing units. The retention of existing mature trees, and the rich military history of the site. Park and street names in and around Garrison Green were dedicated to Canadian peacekeepers, and the wall of honour in Peacekeeper’s Park  bears the names of Canadian peacekeepers who lost their lives on United Nations military and humanitarian-related assignments. The Peacekeeper’s Park space has become the preferred location for the annual Peacekeepers’ Day ceremony held in early August at Garrison Green.