Ensure the innovative and commercially sound redevelopment and reintegration of surplus Government of Canada properties into local communities while developing, retaining, and managing certain real estate assets and uniquely Canadian attractions.


Be the Government of Canada’s principal real property agency responsible for reintegrating surplus properties while being dedicated to developing great Canadian communities and acting as a premier owner and manager of select uniquely Canadian attractions.

Canada Lands’ values are the foundation of the Company’s work in communities. These values are:

Financial Resilience

  • operate in a financially self-sustaining manner,
  • practice financial responsibility and optimization efforts in its work and activities,

  • strategically manage its assets to maximize financial and non-financial returns to Canadians, and

  • consider new approaches to generate revenues that diversify, stabilize, and enhance the resilience of the Company’s financial performance.

Environmental Sustainability

  • measure the Company’s environmental footprint, and

  • establish plans, with meaningful targets and achievements, to address climate change, greening initiatives, carbon emissions, energy efficiency, wastewater management, and biodiversity.

Social Impact

  • support the federal government’s reconciliation efforts with Indigenous Peoples where the establishment of formalized relationships may be mutually beneficial,

  • engage and partner with Indigenous communities and their enterprises in its attractions and real estate projects,

  • prioritize affordable housing opportunities in its real estate projects, seek to exceed the statutory requirements of the local community, and respond to identified community needs and markets, and

  • broaden the diversity of engagement to better encompass under-represented groups in all efforts.

The following strategic priorities flow from and amplify the Company’s values:

Real Estate: Transform surplus and underutilized federal properties

  • seek to engage actively with the Government of Canada to streamline and accelerate the process and scope of acquisitions, and

  • raise the bar in environmental, social, and other Canadian community and global objectives, and

  • seek to include greater employment generators with its work and within its communities.

Attractions: Create unique Canadian experiences

  • with its capacity, know-how, and experience, the Company is well-positioned to develop more deeply the Canadian experience at its attractions: iconic, unique, inspiring, and quintessentially Canadian, and

  • appropriately promote itself as an option for other current and potential attractions.

Be a workplace of choice

  • seek to address equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and environmental sensitivity through its social impact policies and practices, and

  • embrace and embed a social, environmental, and financial responsibility culture as key elements of its business practices.