Fact Sheets

Corporate profile

We are Canada Lands Company, a self-financing, federal Crown corporation. We report to the Parliament of Canada through the Minister of Public Services and Procurement.

Environmental Successes (Attractions)

Our commitment to implement effective and innovative environmental solutions extends to our Attractions division, where we manage world-renowned sites with a two-fold mission: to curate memorable experiences while enhancing environmental value for Canadians.

Our Operations

We have the expertise, vision and passion to enhance how Canadians live, work and play. We operate in two separate but related business sectors to produce the optimal return on our work to the benefit of all Canadians and our shareholder, the Government of Canada.

Featured Stories (Real Estate)

We enrich Canadian communities by embracing the potential of the places and spaces we own and operate. Keeping the needs of Canadians at the heart of each development, we envision vibrant and viable neighbourhoods where residents can live, work, learn and play.

Public engagement

We work with Canadians to provide them the best possible benefit. We pride ourselves on an engagement-based approach to pursuing community-oriented goals, environmental stewardship and heritage commemoration with all our projects across Canada.


At Canada Lands, we’re just as passionate about the country’s future as we are its past. Since our inception in 1995, we’ve invested more than $11 million in legacy initiatives at our real estate developments across the country. The initiatives, which range from street names to walking trails to monuments, pay homage to the great history of Canada and its people.

Green Spaces (Real Estate)

Our goal is to create viable communities in which Canadians and their families can live, work and play. Across our real estate developments, we’ve incorporated vast open and green spaces for recreational use and personal enjoyment.