our environmental, social and governance roadmap

Over the years, Canada Lands Company has focused efforts on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through its development of vibrant communities, and attractions that offer unmatched and unforgettable experiences to millions of visitors each year. We take pride in the many CSR accomplishments that have been achieved across the country as we expand our reach and focus towards a more comprehensive reporting on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics . 

In 2023, Canada Lands embarked on a new ESG journey and roadmap with the goal to increase positive contributions towards the evolving challenges that are faced domestically and globally regarding climate change, societal inequalities and the expectations for more transparency and insights on how organizations conduct business. Alongside the existing and ambitious Strategic Plan, Canada Lands Company seeks to further elevate its standards of accountability to the Canadian public through six focus areas that will guide its ESG efforts:
Climate: Although Canada Lands has made progress as it relates to environmental sustainability at many of its real estate developments and its attractions, the Company remains committed to furthering efforts in achieving Canada’s net-zero by 2050 goal. Climate considerations and environmental sustainability are central values within Canada Lands Company’s Strategic Plan and ESG roadmap that seek to contribute to the low-carbon transition while lowering Canada Lands exposure to climate risk and better align with the evolving environmental regulations and modern standards of environmental sustainability. 

Diverse Procurement: Canada Lands’ ESG roadmap seeks to award more contracts to businesses owned by underrepresented groups and Indigenous-owned businesses. Diverse procurement helps open opportunities for a more equitable and balanced distribution of economic benefits while fostering necessary workforce diversity and the inclusion of valuable and unique perspectives and experiences. 

Indigenous Peoples Collaboration: With strong partnerships that have been nurtured over many years, Canada Lands will continue to prioritize Indigenous Peoples Collaboration as part of its ESG roadmap and Strategic Plan. Relationships have been established with several Indigenous communities across the country that have provided valuable employment, training, commemoration, procurement and mentorship opportunities that will continue to inform Company-wide decisions. Indigenous Peoples Collaboration remains an important aspect of our shared social responsibility to further reconciliation and educational awareness for all Canadians.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI): A central aspect of Canada Lands’ ESG roadmap includes increasing efforts to foster a welcoming environment for employees and business partners alike where everyone feels they can express their true and authentic selves. This EDI focus appropriately mirrors the existing and continued commitment to an improved social wellness for the entire organization. 

Psychological Health & Safety: Canada Lands seeks to promote a psychologically healthy and safe workplace as one of its ESG roadmap priorities, as the wellbeing of employees is regarded as a crucial and central aspect of the Company’s overall success. Canada Lands developed an action plan aiming at improving our practices company-wide on psychological health and safety, while senior management and employee resource groups remain committed to enabling an even more inclusive culture that addresses the importance of psychological health and safety while further promoting employee wellness so that everyone may feel welcomed, safe, valued and included in the workplace. 

Affordable Housing: The lack of affordable housing has become more a prevalent issue for Canadians than ever in recent years, and as such Canada Lands seeks to leverage its position as a Crown Corporation to contribute positively to this issue. Aligned with the Company’s Strategic Plan and foundational value of social impact, the real estate development projects led by Canada Lands will seek to meet and/or exceed municipal requirements for long-term affordable housing. This ESG area of focus will allow the Company to provide more necessary social and economic supports for complete communities to thrive. 

Each of these focus areas allows Canada Lands Company to make measurable impacts and improvements in our operations to better serve all Canadians. Look for our inaugural ESG report being published in summer 2024.  

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