As a Crown corporation, Canada Lands Company Limited reports its results and strategic direction to the Government of Canada, on an annual basis. As the parent company, Canada Lands Company Limited does this through its publicly available annual reports and corporate plan summaries. For more information about the Company’s activities over the years, we encourage you to browse the reports below. 

To request a copy of a statistical report on the Access to Information Act and/or Privacy Act published before 2013, please contact @email


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In reaching the goals of its mandate, Canada Lands respects Government of Canada policies in areas such as official languages, heritage and the environment. It also adheres to its own policies and guidelines.

As a federal Crown corporation and a responsible corporate citizen Canada Lands Company aspires to the highest standards in its ethics, accountability and transparency throughout its business operations. The Company is committed to the following statements and principles in its policy applications.



Under the Access to Information Act, travel and hospitality expenses incurred by Canada Lands Company’s Board of Directors, its executive officers and its vice-presidents are proactively published. Travel and hospitality expenses are posted below on a monthly basis for the current fiscal year and the previous fiscal year for cost reimbursed to senior officers. As part of its commitment to accountability and corporate governance, Canada Lands Company has policies governing the reimbursement of reasonable expenses required for the purposes of business travel and hospitality.

Board of Directors
Jocelyne Houle
Victoria Bradbury
John Campbell
Margaret MacDonald
Kaye Melliship
Daniel Shindleman
Toni Varone
Senior management
Robert Howald
Greg Barker