Canada Lands Company develops communities with the future of Canadians in mind. The Company’s neighbourhoods are designed for long-term viability, sustainability and enjoyment, while its attractions continually offer unforgettable experiences. Canada Lands isn’t simply shaping a Canada for today but is thinking bigger to shape Canada’s tomorrow.

Green space and path

Incorporating best practices in sustainability

Both of Canada Lands’ award-winning community developments in Alberta are champions of sustainability and environmentalism. In Calgary, Currie recently welcomed a solar-powered picnic table, which serves as a charging station, at its airport-themed playground. Meanwhile, in Edmonton, the Village at Griesbach community continues to gain recognition for its progressive building practices. In 2019, BILD Alberta named the development “Alberta’s Best Community.” With its integration of mature trees, water retention lakes, urban forests and vast green spaces, the Village at Griesbach proves that when beauty and sustainability come together, award-winning design can result.

Alliance Park grand opening

Strength through partnerships

Canada Lands’ Wateridge Village/Village des Riverains is quickly proving itself a landmark community in which past, present and future are celebrated. Located on the traditional territory of the Algonquins, the ongoing redevelopment features several heritage elements that commemorate the land’s military and Indigenous history. The Company is looking to further these legacy initiatives through the creation of a formal commemoration strategy, designed in collaboration with the Algonquins of Ontario. The strategy will serve as a guide for all stakeholders who are involved in future landscaping, building design and marketing efforts at Wateridge Village/Village des Riverains. 

Green space and water at the Old Port

Investing in the Old Port of Montréal’s sustainable development

The Old Port of Montréal strives to incorporate innovative and sustainable practices into its operations wherever possible. Since 2005, this premier tourist destination has reduced its carbon emissions by 70 per cent while implementing various initiatives to reduce plastic waste. During the summer of 2019, the Old Port planted 35 trees, 120 shrubs and 200 perennials, contributing to the site’s overall beauty and, more importantly, to the surrounding area’s ecological benefit. 

Pleasantville street view

Contributing to Canada's National Housing Strategy

Since the start of its partnership in the Federal Lands Initiative, led by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Canada Lands has made significant contributions to support the federal government’s $40 billion National Housing Strategy. In November, the Company completed its sale of a three-acre parcel at Wateridge Village to the City of Ottawa which will make way for more than 270 new affordable housing units. Additionally, in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Company has brought forward two separate offerings at its Pleasantville site and is actively working to finalize these sales.

Making a difference

For more than 25 years, Canada Lands Company has been committed to producing the best possible benefit for Canadians and the federal government. Read our latest CSR report and balanced scorecard to learn more.

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